Diabetic Pudding - Cacao

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Takita Diabetic Puddins are unique products for people with diabetes and calorie -conscious people. Its special formula has erythritol and natural sweetener stevia and it does not contain starch or sugar

Diabetic Pudding – Cacao

Product features

  • 50% less energy compared to regular puddings
  • It has high protein and fiber content
  • No sugar was added and sweetened with stevia
  • The main ingredient erythritol has the minimum laxative effect and 0 calorie
  • Great product for people with diabetes and calorie-conscious people
  • It has intense cacao flavor
  • It can easily be prepared by mixing with 50% less calorie fat-reduced milk and stirring the mixture until it boils
  • It has a longer shelf-life compared to regular puddings

Where to use

For the making of no added sugar, low calorie and diabetic pudding

Daily usage

A person who weighs 70 kg can safely consume 280 mg of steviol glycosides per day and it is equal to 340 gr of Diabetic Pudding.


Erythritol, cacao powder (%22), skimmed milk powder, inulin, thickeners (carboxymethyl cellulose, xanthan gum, carragenan), silicon dioxide, sweetener (steviol glycosides %0,8), emulsifiers (mono ve diglycerides of fatty acids) 


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