Powder Sweetener Plus

Powder Sweetener Plus

Category: Diabetic Products

Sorbitol and aspartame based Takita Powder Sweetener Plus is a product that gives the desired results with its reasonable price.

Powder Sweetener Plus

Product features

  • It is two times sweeter  than sugar which brings 70% of energy saving and a lower laxative effect
  • Great product for people with diabetes and calorie-conscious people
  • It is available in packages of 225 grams and bulk packages of 10 kilograms.

Where to use

Cereals, desserts and cold beverages

Daily usage

A person who weighs 70 kg can safely consume 2800 mg of aspartame per day and it is equal to 800 gr of Powder sweetener plus.


Sorbitol, aspartame, acesulfame-K