Syrup for Baking with Stevia

Category: Diabetic Products

Takita Syrup for Baking is a low calorie, sugar-free, diabetic and delicious product made for sweetening pastries 

Syrup for Baking with Stevia

Product features

  • Great product for people with diabetes and calorie-conscious people
  • It has less calorie compared to the syrup made with sugar. For instance, it has 60% less calorie than baklava syrup made with sugar
  • It is ready to use and there are no problems like dissolving or clumping 
  • It is easy to use. Required amount of Takita Syrup is directly applied to pastries, without adding any ingredient, after heating to the desired temperature. If you need to use it cold, you can directly use it.
  • No crystallization occurs after using Takita Syrup even if you refrigerate your pastry.
  • Takita Syrup is heat stable and you can heat it as much as you need.
  • It is cost effective compared to powder sweeteners
  • It helps to regulate the digestive system and relieve problems related to constipation
  • It contains fructooligosaccharides and inulin which increase the absorption of calcium and promote the growth of probiotics in colon
  • It is available in bottles of 750 grams, 1500 grams and bulk bottles of 7,5 kilograms.

Where to use

Pastries like baklava, kadayıf, künefe and kemalpaşa

How to use in baklava

1,5 kg of Takita Syrup is added to 1 kg of unsyruped baklava

Daily usage

A person who weighs 70 kg can safely consume 280 mg of stevia per day and it is equal to 333 grams (1/4 bottle) of Takita Syrup 


Maltitol syrup, water, polidextrose, oligofructose, Acidity regulator (Citrus a.amara extract, citric acid), stevia