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Takita Formtat 60 Powder Sweetener

  • Takita® Formtat 60 Powder Sweetener is a multi-purpose sweetener formulated with sucralose and prebiotic fibers. Prebiotic fibers in Formtat 60 help you maintain a healthy digestive system and increase the intake of minerals like calcium and vitamins. 
  • Takita® Formtat 60 Powder Sweetener provides equivalent sweetness, density and volume as sugar.
  • Takita® Formtat 60 Sweetener contains like oligofructose and inulin prebiotic fibers. Prebiotics support the growth of probiotic bacteria which promotes a better digestion and immune system.
  • It is stable at high temperatures.
  • It is used in same amount as sugar in recipes while preparing dairy desserts, desserts with syrup such as kadayıf and baklava, jam, croquant and oven baked cakes and cookies.
  • A person who weighs 70 kg can safely consume 808 g of Takita®Stevia Plus Powder Sweetener per day.

Ingredients: Polydextrose, bulking agent (maltitol,sorbitol), inulin, oligofructose, sweeteners (sucralose).

Nutrition Facts100 g
Energy 916,8 kj / 219,3 kcal 
Fat 0 g
Saturated Fat0 g
Carbohydrate 53,3 g
Sugars4,9 g
Polyols 48,4 g
Fiber 44 g
Protein 0 g
Salt0 g