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Why Takita ?

Where can I buy takita products?

You can immediately buy our products (including latest products) from our online store
Our products are also sold in most national supermarket chains including CarrefourSA and Carrefour Express, Migros, Tansaş, Tesco Kipa ve Kipa Express stores, Metro, Real, Özdilek, Beğendik, Gratis, Gürmar Shopping Centers, Barış Gross Shopping Centers and Kibaroğlu stores.

Do Takita products contain lactose?

Except for tablet sweeteners, Takita products do not contain lactose.

Can I make ice cream with Formtat 60?

Yes, Formtat 60 is suitable for making delicious ice cream. This sweetener provides desired sweetness in both hot and cold recipes.

Our New Products

Formtat 60
Brown Sugar
Diabetic Powder Sweetener
Powder Sweetener Plus

6 Steps To Be Healthy

Reduce Sugar

Reduce Alcohol

Eat More Fruits And Vegetables

6 Steps for being healty3

Reduce Salt

Reduce the intake of solid oil

Drink More Water